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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Radio Interview: NOW FREE 

It looks like the Word Balloon show has decided to make the interviews free for a while, so follow this LINK and listen to a few. But mainly mine. John Siuntres does a terrific job with keeping the thing in a cohesive narrative, you'd think we planned where the discussion was going to go. That's the hallmark of an interviewer who's done his homework, and it was a pleasure to be on the show. In it we talk mainly about Interman, but also spend a good chunk of time on my upcoming Marvel work. I don't sound as radio-comfortable as someone who's other college major was Communications should sound, but I don't think sounding very slick is necessarily a good thing either. Spread the word on this, I think with proper support Word Balloon will be an excellent mouthpiece for the comics field. In spite of me.


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