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Monday, July 11, 2005

It's Coming, like those Death Machines in War of the Worlds 

Sweet Christmas, I'll be going to San Diego Comic-Con again in two days. Known now as Nerd Prom, except I never seem to graduate. This will make the 15TH YEAR IN A ROW THAT I'VE BEEN THERE. How did this happen? I've seen kids grow up at that show, companies come and go out of business, little comics grow into massive franchises, artists make asses of themselves... I can only remember about seven of the shows, when I try, yet the records clearly show I've been going for twice that. It got easier once I lived on the West Coast of course, especially when I lived in Los Angeles. But still.

So, when I'm in Artist's Alley, I'll be at table EE-03.

Sometimes I'll be with my studiomates at the Mercury Studio booth, which is #2137. I think we'll be right by the Harris Comics booth and Devil's Due.

And I'll be signing at times at that little upstart indy publisher, Marvel Comics, which has booth 4315.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing about a con report or blogging. Since I'll have my computer, I might make posts from there, and save the trouble of doing a report. They just take so long, sorry. But I might still. Lieber will be the swing vote there. Maybe I'll do some audio blogging again, that was fun. If you see me there, and I don't make any sense, just hand me a coffee and watch me temporarily return to normal. More on this tomorrow.


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