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Friday, August 19, 2005

Northwest Again 

I'm back from North Carolina and my duties there, so blogging can resume again. It was a grueling month mentally and physically. The humidity was worse than I remember in recent history. I'll probably be posting about my Dad pretty soon, using the therapeutic purge that a weblog offers. At the moment I'm still bewildered to be back, Portland looks new to me again. The picture above is from a site I just found called portlandground.com. Photographer Miles Hochstein focuses on things that generally feel like the way I see this town, it's a good place to get a sense of this area. I'm pretty tired of the look of my own blog though, I think it's to move some furniture around here and make something more functional. Maybe my ol' chocolate-sellin', web-designin' pal Steven Gettis will help. I just did a little revamp on the Mercury Studio site yesterday, mostly to make it prettier and ride the coattails of the seven coolest astronauts ever. Thanks to those of you who still check in even when I'm missing in action.


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