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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Your Paper and Online Comics for Wednesday 

Here's my pushings for the day. First: you may find yourself in a comics store. Look around and see if any Mark Schultz cover art pops out at you, like say, on the all new BONE SHARPS, COWBOYS & THUNDER LIZARDS gn from GT-Labs. See it? Okay, buy that. Good.

Now. The supertalented Sandy Jarrell has a preview of his latest project up at WhamComics.com that I think will intrigue many of you. So go get in on some of that action.

There's also a cracking small-batch comic by Chris Gumpritch and Dennis Culver up online now called Round 4 that begs a gander too. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Finally I'd like to congratulate all the IGNATZ winners from the Small Press Expo, and all the excellent candidates in the webcomic category. The winner was the wet-your-pants-funny Perry Bible Fellowship, which really never disappoints. I'd like to also remind you to bookmark two of the other candidates, Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee, and Superslackers by Steven Manale, two quality features that I hope have a higher profile now.

There, that's enough links that you should have your afternoon taken care of now. See you tomorrow.


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