Channel the entity "Jeff Parker" from beyond the Ether

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween is a GO 

--ksst--roger that, mystifyin' readers--sst-- your old pal the NASA Ghost transmitting from the void of deep space, beyond the plane of existence you all will be enjoyin' some candy in tonight--kkrrsskkk-reaking up, hold onnn-kkrrss--read me, Houston? Copy that--I hear Marvel Comics did a new WHERE MONSTERS DWELL this month, if I were tangible I'd go pick that up for some Halloween readin'---ksst---the original series was coming out around the time our capsule went off course into the eternal void--good stuff--kk--well, it looks like a Cosmic Wraith is driftin our way, so we're gonna be in for a bit of a fight out here--zzt--just want to wish all you trick-or-treaters a great time tonight on that big blue orb--phsstt-crackle--NASA Ghost, over and out---end transmission---


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