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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Salute Rampage 

I've just gained more work time during the day, because this is the last of Fanboy Rampage. Graeme McMillan is no longer going to spend hours of his day searching the comics interweb for the ravings of the maladjusted to provide us with highlights. I don't blame him, he's surely lost some part of his soul that he'll never get back, and often he has those same loons come post comments on his blog as if he were one of them (shudder). Thanks for showing us the trainwreck Graeme, it was fun.

And a revelation probably everyone has had, but it just hit me now. As I think I'm being so damn funny for putting up the famous picture of John Kennedy Jr. saluting his father's casket, I look at the picture a minute and realize: he's not saluting-- he's just trying to keep the sun out of his eyes! Look at that light source, where it's coming and how bright it is out there. Now I feel a little deflated, because joke or no, I have always thought that was a touching photo, and now I'm pretty sure it's only because of the "captured moment" of photography. I hope I'm wrong.


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