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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bears, Balm 

While up late working and checking on facts, I see that Stan Berenstain has passed away. I feel a little bad because just the other day I was looking up info on the Berenstain couple in a fit of "just who were these people who slapped their own name on these bears anyway? Are the bears Jewish or what? As I have a two year old who likes being read to, several kidslit staples pop up in her collection whether we buy them or not. I always thought the bears books were pretty mediocre as they're often lessons about keeping your room clean and so forth. Even if I do want Allison to put her toys away, I'd still rather read her a more entertaining book where Curious George is splitting an atom or Madeline is convicted of heresy in that nun house she lives in. I kind of like the one where the bear kid gets skis for Christmas, but I always wince when I see that they drew a fireplace made of wood timbers. Still, the books are short and easy, I use them as in-betweeners for the stack of things that are read every night. And Dr. Seuss hired the Berenstains, so there must be something there. Rest in peace, Stan.

Another thing I bumbled across...Is this for real? Is someone really that adamant about lip balm? I mean, my corn fructose sweetener conspiracy is one thing, but hey...


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