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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Farewell Carolla 

Sigh. Casey Jones just sent me this mp3...

Where Adam Carolla announces what we were expecting, that his tenure (literally, 10 years!) on the syndicated radio show LOVELINE with Dr.Drew Pinsky is ending this week. He's going to fill Stern's slot, which will probably really confuse fans of shockjock style, bug-people-on-the-phone- prank call- radio, who will now hear Adam. And like me, you probably expect that's what Adam is going to be upon first exposure, but he's not- he's a real comedian and master of ad-lib. Much of Mercury Studio will be sad because like Casey we've worked while listening to tapes and mp3's of Loveline, which seems perfectly suited to making comic books. Good luck to Dr.Drew in finding a new cohost, hopefully not some lame-o from KROK. Maybe another deserving talent will find their big break, talking to messed-up teens with sex hangups. Maybe.

Mahalo, Carolla!


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