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Monday, November 28, 2005

Goodbye Delicious Turkey. 

Sigh. It's all gone, every last crunchy little part. That's the way it goes with deep-fried turkey- every bit is scoured for the fried goodness and you're out of leftovers much earlier than normal. Thanks to all of you well-meaning nags who kept barraging me with media scare stories of how people were burning down America with fry cookers because they were cooking with gasoline or setting up the unit inside the house or dropping chunks of ice into the hot oil or whatever. It never got old. Nonetheless, I safely had the turkey done in about an hour, even with rain falling down. And a good chunk of that time was simply letting the oil climb to 350 degrees. Damn that bird was good. Now I know why my relatives always make more than one. You might as well, while you have the hot oil, for one thing. But mainly, it's incredibly addictive, for cooked fowl. And as Karl Kesel keeps suggesting, maybe next time I'll also make sweet potato fries while I've got a vat going. So if you have a propane tank and a large pot, I highly recommend you quit quaking in fear and get frying.


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