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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Source! 

Thanks Comics Reporter for pointing the way to this SLATE piece on Bill Watterson. It serves an important function: it shows exactly where every redneck silkscreen shop got the famous Calvin Pissing shot. As I've said before on this very blog, I don't believe most people with the decal know that the boy is Calvin, he's just "that li'l pissin' boy". Besides that it takes a cartoon I loved to makes shots at GM autos or extol prayer, it does something I've always hated to see done to my drawings. Reversing an image that wasn't designed for white ink. Over the years I've contributed many drawings for tee shirts and logos, and inevitably I always have to see my linework reversed into a bizarre unreadable negative image. If someone would ever let me know they were going to do that, I would design the piece for white ink. But they never do. The article makes a nice point about how the sticker proves Watterson's point that an image of the characters out of context is meaningless.


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