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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey, Hawk... 

I just enjoyed this Newsarama talk with Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin. They talk about their upcoming Hawkgirl, and also about their early days starting out which I always find interesting. Going back and looking at your beginnings in a field of work often makes sense as a whole, but is hard to do at the time because you're not really sure you're actually on that career path yet. As they say, the first job isn't the hardest to get, it's the second. In comics-any branch of entertainment, really- you're pretty much ALWAYS breaking in. I only know a few people who can reasonably assume their phone will always ring with a publishing house's name on the caller I.D. One of the strange things I've noticed, which really isn't that strange, is how many creators I know who fear the end of the assignments- people who any outside observer would know have nothing to fear that way. And of course, that's why they keep getting work, they're always trying to keep fresh and not becoming complacent. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'll be checking out this Hawkgirl, though.

And if you live in the States, have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm going to finally take a stab at deep-frying a turkey like my relatives do. And yes, I'll be outside, over the grass, all that. I just wish they still showed Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathons on the holiday.


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