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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Almost In! 

Hey readers who have had to suffer through seeing a giant jellyfish everyday for over a week, my apologies. I've been working like mad to get some things done on that house I mentioned so we could move in TOMORROW. I put in a bamboo floor in my daughter's soon to be room, and thanks to Lieber for coming over to cut and nail planks with me one day, that made a huge difference. For the other room that needed a floor (an almost finished attic room that we decided to go ahead and finish) I took the easier route and put down laminate panels. Took much less time! And later if I find a good deal on more wood, I'll just put it down right over that, because why not. But I'm in no big hurry to be flooring again for a few months, no matter how bad I want all the carpet upstairs to go away.

Movers are coming over in the morning, and they can have the pleasure of that fold-out couchbed that nearly killed me and Ron Randall. Jill has boxed the living hell out of almost everything here, I had to keep unboxing our boy all day. Kidding.

The sad thing is, and I have to ask if any other bloggers will admit to this, is that I keep checking my blog as if it somehow might have updated itself while I was busy with everything. Now that would be a feature. Hope you're all getting some time off to hang with your favorite people. The latest Adventures Fantastic Four came out, featuring Submariner. Get one for the stockings, won't you?


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