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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Now Dat's Science 

As much as I love real science, Crank Science sure is fun to follow too. As a comics writer, I'm obliged to follow whack theories, because that's what our industry is built upon. Someday I hope to work in artist Neal Adam's expanding Earth theory(when's it gonna pop?), and this guy has all kinds of alternate reasons for why things work the way they do.What's best are his illustrations that help explain his theories. I think now I'll go look for some more of those briefly appearing black helicopter maps.

I've also added some blogs to the sidebar finally. I save these up over months and by the time I link them, I can't remember how I found out about them originally. Note: everyone stop apologizing when you start a blog. If it's entertaining or informative, then it's justified. Of course, I've again had to let go a few neverupdaters, or people who just fled the country never to blog again. But Kip Manley rewarded my faith and did return with Long Story Short Pier, though it currently has the stripped down look of most weblogs now. Thanks to everyone who's linked me lately, by the way.


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