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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Escape From New York Comic Con 

That was INSANE. I knew people were ready for a big show in Manhattan again, but no one saw that coming. People were pouring into the place like water and those without preregistered passes were turned away into the cold. Well, it wasn't really that cold, in fact it was sunny and nice outside, which no doubt helped. Everyone made fun of my excuse for a voice today, strained from sickness and shouting over 80s music at the Marvel gathering last night. If you were there and bought me a beer, thanks by the way. In fact, thanks to everyone at Marvel for being so helpful and letting me set up and work at the offices the past couple of days!

I took some pictures, but my camera is on some goofball setting that makes them all horribly blurred. I'll try to put some up if any are distinguishable. The show was really like most comics shows now, go back and read any of my con reports and replace the city with "New York" and it should work fine. But lots of the people from the area who don't get out that far and have no cars (because why would you?) were, I think, pleasantly surprised at all a big comics convention has to offer. Every comics show has appearances by incongruous celebrities, and the one I just had to talk to was Bosom Buddy Peter Scolari. Who got a phone call as I shook his hand and then looking surprised said, "I guess I have to go to an audition now." Break a leg, Peter, I hope you get the part! There was an impossibly long line on the next floor up that I assume was for Milla Jovovich (ULTRAVIOLET! go see that title sequence!) I briefly ran into almost every friend I wanted to see and some I hadn't expected to. So that with a cheap Jet Blue flight made it a good trip in spite of my compromised health. I look forward to returning to the city at full power later. Time to pre-board, whatever that is. Maybe it's like pre-ordering in a comics shop, which feels just like "ordering".


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