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Monday, February 06, 2006

Votes In: America Loves PRESIDENT STRIPPER! 

First I was happy to see the not-easily-impressed gang at Comix Experience in San Francisco give the story a thumbs up in The Savage Critic. And a while ago I bumbled across a good review from Fanboy Planet...

The opening story of a go go dancer by John Buscema and John Romita Sr. features some great classic draftsmanship. However, the re-imagining of it by Jeff Parker, turns it into brilliance. "President Stripper" plays as parody of romance comics and insidiously cogent satire.

This relieves me a lot, because I was wary that I was walking the line with political humor, which is often Not Funny. I begin tunneling into earth like a human gopher at the slightest mention of The Capitol Steps or Mark Russell and his infernal piano. Maybe it's just singing political humor that I find so painful. Of course, I had an edge since my delivery system was some gorgeous John Buscema pencils with John Romita finishes. Anyway, if you're at the comics shop, look for Marvel's Romance Redux book, or possibly even the fat trade, whatever that's called.


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