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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanks to Everybody 

Now see, with my trained eye, I could have told you that the Rockwell piece was a fake. Thanks to The Spurge for finding another fun story oddly related to cartooning.

And thanks to Chris Rangel and the organizers of the Emerald City Comicon this past weekend, who made space for me and my studiomates despite our acting like chumps and assuming one of us was lining up table space. Wait, let me back up...

THANKS to Armando Gutierrez for picking up my full portfolio that I left leaning up against a parking meter on Stark Street the day before. I went downtown to the studio to load up art and comics to take Sunday, and brought both kids with me. But after putting them both back in the car, I had that sense of completion and got in myself, driving off without the thing I went there for. Four hours later I suddenly had the clear mental image of said portfolio leaning against the meter and no memory of having put it in the car. I raced back downtown expecting to find scraps of art and books scattered everywhere with junkies eating it. Instead I get a call from Armando telling me he's at his office with it in my very building!Good thing I had some business cards inside, though why someone cool like Armando found it instead of the usual streetfolk like Showbiz and Pineapple St. John leads me to think I'm living in a fictional construct.

Thanks to Karl Kesel for coming over the next day at the new 7AM (formerly 6AM) and picking me up to go to the show. Driving to Seattle from Portland is always a nice ride, and a good backdrop to discuss the entire comics industry through. Karl is hard at work on the Kirby Estate's GALACTIC BOUNTY HUNTERS and he caught me up on that, and I made him sit through the whole telling of my groundbreaking miniseries for Marvel coming this Summer that I never say more about. Once at the show I saw its creator and now Image executive Jim Demonakis, who apparently has been forced to eat healthy since moving to Berkeley because he's all lean and mean now.

I'm not going to do a con report for something I was only around one day for, and besides, you can thank Laura Gjovaag, who already did, and made us all hold a troll for some reason. Her undying faith in Aquaman has been rewarded with Kurt Busiek, Jackson Guice, and a tv show. I will say that I saw some great Blue Beetle art by Cully Hamner, and found out about two great artists I didn't know of, Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. I bought a print from Chris, and hope to get more art from both of them. My regrets are that I couldn't be at the show both days, and that I didn't know Dan Brereton was there- I didn't see him and I'm sure I walked around the room enough. Oh yeah, thanks to Leonard Wang for beverages (oh you Canadians!) and Andy from Cosmic Monkey Comics for pizza. Thanks!


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