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Friday, April 14, 2006

Toth Book, You Say? 

Okay, it's true. Though I've mentioned incessantly that I'm in no big hurry to publish a book for a while (and thus have to fill orders), I am going to crank up the OCTOPUS PRESS machine to publish a collection of Alex Toth work. How could I not? This is twenty years worth of doodles and sketches that Alex would send to friend John Hitchcock (owner of the comics shop PARTS UNKNOWN), and it's just fascinating to look through. So far, probably only a few dozen people have ever seen this, so it's time to change that. In a few weeks I'll squeeze in time to make a web page for it, and then ask you kind people to spread that link around. If there's any money after printing costs are covered, most of it will be going to Toth, so I don't really have any ad budget to speak of. But I think word of mouth will actually do a lot, as that's how his reputation has spread over the decades- he's an "artist's artist". Anyway, since people keep writing and asking me, I feel I can step up and proclaim now that I've sent off the solicitation to run in Diamond's June Previews. Much more information coming!


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