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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Al Wiseman The Menace 

I meant to mention this after I found it through The Comics Reporter- Bill Alger has devoted a blog to one of my favorite cartoonists, Al Wiseman. Even as a tiny child I could tell Wiseman's work from the other artists on the Dennis the Menace comicbooks, though I didn't know who drew it. I probably didn't even acknowledge that someone did draw them, I just knew certain books had the "Good Dennis". His work is so full of life, clean and well designed it just blows all the muddled art you've seen in modern comics out of your mind. And when I work on material where I can get away with it, I try to channel Wiseman's influence as much as possible. Obviously the greatest disciple of him is Jaime Hernandez. What's great is that you can still find those Dennis comics easily at shows, often in quarter bins (comics used to be popular, and they made a lot of them at Fawcett!). The travel specials like Dennis the Menace in Mexico often turn up intact because they're BIG. Go look at the blog, which features a lot of work I never knew about- what a great service, I hope he has time to keep it up.


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