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Friday, June 30, 2006

Leaky Kirk 

Leonard "Lookame! I'm a genius!" Kirk has put some more AGENTS OF ATLAS art up at his blog for all to see. Thankfully he's chopped up the panels a bit so people can't piece together the story and thus have things spoiled for them.

Boy is it already Friday? When you spend half the week in airport terminals, you really lose track of time. If you didn't know AmericaWest and US Airways have merged, you might want to consider that before booking a flight with them, and all the confusion such a thing causes. Maybe after summer they'll have their act together.

I hope many of you are going to Shelton Drum's HEROES convention this weekend, it's going to be some show. And I'd like to hear reports from it if there are any. I leave you a "fitting" tribute to Alex Toth by David Oakes, HERE. And if you don't know David's insane hobby, then you'll get what I meant by "fitting" when you click over there.


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