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Saturday, July 22, 2006


So for the past few days the Toth book was sitting in the Montreal airport, along with a few other books nervous publishers were hoping to have for the show. I spent a good chunk of the morning writing WHAT IF? and then called down to see if Fed Ex had come by. Why yes, of course they have. You have four boxes. !!! Could no one call me with this trivia? Maybe the Omni is more concerned with the amenities for actor Jason Statham who I saw in the lobby yesterday, wearing a suit I would have to take out a loan to buy. Anyway I bolted down there and grabbed two of the boxes and went to the Convention Center. Fortunately Mercury Studio intern Rich Ellis was nearby to take one of the heavy boxes once I got there.

It was nice to see people with pre-disappointed faces lift their eyebrows with that "Ah- it's actually here," look. I believe the first customer was John McCrea. It moved briskly from that point, and John Hitchcock (THE Dear John of the title) came back and sat for most of the day to meet people. I don't have adequate signage, so I'm often holding the book over my head to give folks a view.

I may mention more highlights at the center since it seems to have wifi. Line I actually said to some obnoxious young guy: "You're not big on the social skills, are you?" The Hyatt bars were very, very busy Friday night, and as a result it all escapes me now. Later...


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