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Friday, July 28, 2006

Get Ready... 

Sorry I gave no follow up to San Diego, it's just a blur of people to me now. My last real recollection is me up on the Mondo Marvel panel not being clever enough because I was out of steam. I should have pointed out how Gorilla Man is twice as good as Punisher because he can hold double the machine guns. Rob Liefeld kept distracting me by messing with the Onslaught figure who's arm kept falling off. I just referred to Onslaught as a "who", so I must still not be recovered. Next week is going to be me pushing AGENTS OF ATLAS harder than ever because it's coming to stores Wednesday. We need to get in there and clean those shops out so it gets reordered fast! Come on everybody, let's all knuckle down and get to work!


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