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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

...and his costume upsets my tummy. 

Thanks to Steve Lieber for rounding up the latest batch of Atlas love- it really gets me psyched as I write the last couple of issues. Here's some:

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Also I told Jon in Iowa City I'd address the non-presence of 3D-Man in Agents of Atlas as a sort of FAQ when readers ask that question. So when you see people wondering aloud online, feel free to repost this if you want.

As for 3D... the What If #9 story was such a neat premise that has been touched upon a few times that it offers a good path for us to connect to Marvel's past. That's something we really wanted to do, since Marvel doesn't make use of its pre-'60's history much beyond The Invaders. But 3D Man is a completely retconned character who didn't exist before the 70's, and it's confusing to suggest that he was one like Marvel Boy, Venus, Namora and others that Everett, Maneely, Kirby and the Timely/Atlas creators worked on. He was more or less shoehorned in the What If story to be a counterpart for Captain America, and since we're following what was established since (that this team was never called The Avengers), there's no need for that.
I think some people should be happy because this frees up the character to be used on its own somewhere else. Though my suggestion to anyone would be- and I'll do this myself if it ends up being me- change what his abilities are all about. Because being "3x whatever" is hard to quantify in a useful way. Listeners to This American Life may have already heard of this particular dilemma on their Superpowers episode. The segment has Jonathan Morris of the Ape Law/ Gone and Forgotten website. Listening to him may put it in perspective a bit.
But a talking gorilla with machine guns? Makes perfect sense.


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