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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Silver Bulleteer 

At this point I wouldn't foist another interview on you, but looking through it, I appear to have slipped up and said things with actual content. Probably because Silver Bullet Comics owner Alan Davis started this with me a couple months ago, and Mitch Montgomery came in and finished it, and somewhere along the way I started writing as if we were just having an honest discussion, which I almost never do. That happened with the Comics Reporter piece too. Don't worry, I promise for the rest of the year to release only carefully-spun sound bites. For you Southerners, this starts off very North Carolina centric.

MM: Is there a danger of comics becoming too self-reflective, or is this a natural progression?

JP: There’s always a danger of comics becoming too self-reflective, and I think that hurt us, when stories from the 1970s and 80s fed upon their own histories too much. I think the key is keeping it cyclical instead of linear. Focus on good plots with characters that you plan to keep intact for decades, save drastic character changes for rare cases or for characters that aren’t meant to be archetypes.

I wish people would quit putting hundreds of spins on origins that have been done well already. Batman, I’ll pull out just because I mentioned him earlier. Worry about showing Batman solve a really confounding mystery; don’t show me the Waynes getting shot every week. I swear if I never see the Waynes die in Crime Alley again I’ll be just fine.

And that's not at Silver Bullet ComicBOOKS, it's at Silver Bullet COMICS, which are two different sites. I know, it's maddening.


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