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Thursday, October 05, 2006

XFC #1 Sells Out; Squirrel Goes Free 

I'm not implying there's a connection, but both happened on the same day. For the past few days a scratching and chirping had been coming from one of the upstairs walls like something was trying to BREAK INTO THIS WORLD. It became clear that the squirrel inside wasn't going back and forth, but had fallen down between studs and couldn't climb out. I had no choice but to cut into the sheetrock, and then the little gremlin ran into the bathroom. Jill was worried that he hadn't eaten for days (besides our house, of course) and gave him food. He slept in her slipper that night. The next day I bought a cage trap because he was getting too comfortable in the bathroom, and took him over to the big cemetary on Stark, full of big trees. He was understandably annoyed with being in the trap, but seemed fairly pleased by his new home. Of course, that's me, anthropormorphizing. I spent some time on a ladder nailing wire mesh over the luxury nest his family had made in the eave on the side of the house.

Oh, and X-Men: First Class is sold out from Diamond!


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