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Friday, November 03, 2006

WHAT IF...I Needed Glasses? 

Yow, my backside's a-burnin' from some of the heat vision of readers who have found out who I implicated as the real culprit of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED! If you'd like to know and don't have the latest WHAT IF by me and Aaron Lopresti, you have a fair chance to figure it out. Hope you honed your skillz on all those Where's Waldo books years ago...


Okay, the real menace is actually somewhere on the cover. Study the Scarlet Witch and then look at each of the floating characters, and you'll probably figure it out. Or you can just read the story and reverse engineer it.

In other developments this week, I cold got me some specs. I finally realized that maybe my eyes were more tired than even they should be after a day of work, and an eye exam revealed that I've had astigmatism for who knows how long. I was really not prepared for how weird the world would become while my eyes are adjusting to the prescription. As I left the optical store I felt like I was walking below the sidewalk, and my laptop computer looked more like a trapezoid. It's starting to come together now, and it's like I've put on 3D glasses- I didn't realize how flat I was seeing the world. I got away with decades of unaided scoping, so it's my turn. Well played, Father Time- this round goes to you. And well, all subsequent rounds...


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