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Monday, December 11, 2006

Friend My Bad Self 

Okay, I wouldn't be a very useful part of the comics blog hive-mind if I didn't run over and start a ComicsSpace account, now would I? I've avoided MySpace like the Black Death, but this creation of the mysterious "Josh" narrows it down to something useful. At least for a lot of the comics industry folks I've seen on there, this could function as a far less annoying connector than Linked In, that naggy cross-referencing eternal job search that makes you pass on referrals through people who don't know or have nothing to do with them. Maybe I can use it get the word out on projects too, like I don't shill on every website already. I do wish we could use another term like "Homies!" instead of friend, even though many people I've seen on it are actual friends. So "Homey" me because I'm far too lazy to track you down.


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