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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sputter-Sput-- That Violates The Prime Directive! 

A new Star Trek animated series on the web? Hmm, I wonder if Trek fans will have any opinions about that? You can read the piece talking with mastermind Dave Rossi at Trekmovie.com. Oh and look, it appears I designed the early pitch pieces.

Seriously though, I don't know how any of this is coming along, so don't ask me. There's no show yet, and I can't hire you. I did my bits back in the summer. Scanning through the comments you can see some folks enraged that it might be anything other than the talky yawnfests that have brought the franchise to it's current state of stasis. I can vouch for Rossi's love of the ST mythos though, and his ideas to create a show with a pulse sound very entertaining to me. And of course all that art is very preliminary and may not resemble anything that ends up happening. Carry on.


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